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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Starfish on Parade - More Snorkeling

We have not seen many starfish on the island.. a few, but not many.  But suddenly, there were dozens of them in our bay this week.

Even saw the rare - STARFISH of David

This poor fellow got flipped upside down by the current or one of his more mischievous fellow sea creatures.  They can right themselves, but it takes a lot of effort...

I was afraid the parade would pass him by, so I turned him over.

We all need a little help some days...

Saw a couple of other new things, like this HUGE hermit crab.  They have to find a bigger shell when they outgrow the one they wear.  Gonna be hard for this guy, as he is already wearing about the biggest shell i have seen.

And I really like this shot of a ray getting all hurrumpy by blowing dust at a fish that was picking at his hide.  Lots of drama under the sea.

Just another day in paradise


  1. Ah, been so long since I've snorkeled. I can just feel the quiet down there, and the starfishes are so cool!!

  2. These are wonderful - and it's nice of you to right the poor little star.

  3. Those starfish are so cute. Just another day in paradise is right, cher!