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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feral Roosters EVERYWHERE

"A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to a wild state"
Hmmm... Not exactly fitting the definition, but this what they are called here. There are "FERAL ROOSTERS" and chickens everywhere. AT night, the temperature is a pleasant 75 degrees, just a tad humid, but nice sleeping weather. Our first night, we opened our window, cranked up the ceiling fan and went to sleep looking out over our balcony.

3 AM, well before any hint of dawn, the roosters did what they do naturally. Now we sleep with the air on and the doors closed.

On an island filled with skinny, hungry people, with food prices through the roof, how on earth do these beasts escape the "mother of invention" of hunger?

But, they are here, and here is a little story...

As you can see above, many of these big noisy pigeons (rats with wings) wander the town. They are in the streets, live in alleys and some enjoy the generosity of tourists (and new locals). Jackie and I have lunch every day in Roosevelt Park, named for FDR.

Follow the progression....

Note: Not a crowing rat in sight...

Mom comes to check it out. Jackie drops a small bit of crumbs from her sandwich...

Mom grabs the crumbs, and scurries into the bushes right behind us and grabs her brood of baby crowing rats...

And she herds the brood to the soft touch...

We see these same St Thomas pigeons every day. Every day they do the same dance... We have named them the "Morning Joe Team", Joe, Willie, Mika and usual guest, Mike Barnicle.

BTW, soon a post on the other animal tourist attraction on the island... Iguanas are also abundant, but don't wake up at 3 AM. You have to look closely to see them, and I don't see them every day, but they are here. This guy was in the same FDR park one afternoon. If I see him in the park again, so he becomes a semi regular, he will be named Pat Buchanan.


  1. and What's the price of chicken in the local grocery? I am sure they would not miss a few, uh, Ferals...........
    What a beautiful place.

  2. I'm here. I'm here! Green with envy, but I am here! Snow in forecast for tomorrow...can summer be far behind? Can't wait to hear all about your adventure.

  3. Iguanas make really cool pets - you'll see, it's like having little green dogs running around once you get to know your regulars :-)

  4. Love the roosters and chickens too! Very cool!