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Friday, February 26, 2010

I Walk to the other side of the View to find the Governor's Mansion

You've seen this before, this is the view from my balcony... The big white building at the top is the Governor's Mansion.

And today it was my goal for a walk.

just as steep a climb as you can imagine. These staircases are actually on town maps There is no distinction between these pedestrian "streets" and streets that fit a car.

So, up up up

This is the view looking back towards my temp home away from Kansas. The tower with the flags is "Blackbeard's Tower" Great name, not the home of the pirate, but great name for a tourist spot. To the left of the tower, the three story white building (The narrower one, not the longer one below and to the right) is the back of the "Green Iguana"... My temp housing.

I saw this car... "Caution Student Driving". The max speed limit in the entire Island is 35 miles per hour. I have not seen a 4 lane road yet, and there is no such thing as straight and level. Can't imagine learning how to drive on these streets, but A1 is the place to learn (god help us).

And of course, I am only about half way up... Still more stairs...

Now this I found... Um... Let's say amusing with a wink...

The roads everywhere on the island are TERRIBLE. Pot holes, ruts, rough broken pavement on 100% of the roads. This is the road that leads to the Governor's Mansion. About the length of a football field, they are laying blacktop over possibly the best road I had seen since I got here. I am assuming (wink nod) that they are just going to repave the entire island infrastructure. They just decided to start at the top of a hill and work their way down and around. Just a coincidence that the road they chose to start on was the Gov's ;)

And here is one more view of the harbor. Actually it is a view that we can't see from our balcony. If you see the large coral colored building in the center of the far left side, that is blocking the building that Jackie works in. She is on the harbor, and has THREE windows facing the boats to distract her from her work.

Made it. Of course I did not expect to get inside, just wanted to make the effort. HOWEVER, the guard was very friendly, and let me know the procedure to arrange a tour. I started the process, so I hope soon I will be able to show pictures from the other side of the gate.

One more shot from this side of the fence.

I can not say for sure, but I was told that this is the gate to the ancestral home of Kelsey Grammer. The actor who played Frasier was born in St Thomas. So it is possible.

This weekend, we are moving to our beach house (well, for 2 nights anyway, before we return to our town home). FINALLY, Jackie gets the weekend off, we will be on a beach, swimming, snorkeling and living the good life!

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  1. The view from your balcony is stunning! How can life get any better! Love it!