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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Governor's Offices

A couple days ago, I showed you where the governor of the Island lives... This is where he works.

Located almost exactly half way between Jackie's office and our home away from Kansas (our temp hotel) is the office of the Governor of the Island. I love the little guard shack out front. never have seen a guard there, but just in case the Queen comes, they are ready.

If you are paying attention, a few days ago I made a post about the "99 Steps". These steps go to the same road, are located a block from the 99 steps. So we have a choice of walking the scenic rough historical steps, or the more upkept stairs of the Governor. I have heard them called "Government Steps" and "The Governor's Steps"... not sure which is right, but I like the personal touch of calling them the Governor's steps.

Front door...
And inside the front lobby. Was not allowed past the stairs (a little surprised to get as far as I did).
As capitol offices go, a little sparse, but tasteful. And patriotic.

A bronze list of the former Governor's

Trappings of the office.... The Symbol

the Seal

And the state (national/ territorial... not sure the right term) flower and the state (national/ territorial) bird...

And for those of you paying attention, just above the office (up those white stairs) and a bit to the left is the statue of the Three Queens and Blackbeard's Tower.


  1. That's cool Dave... The Gov works in a cool p lace... but lets see the pirate castle over there.... (I have been there)

    ~Really Rainey~

  2. Great shots - LOL the guard shack looks like an old telephone booth!