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Monday, March 1, 2010

Scenery out our Deck - Bolongo Bay

After 5 days in town, Jackie working everyday, she finally got a weekend off.

So, we checkout out of our city home (hotel) and moved to our beach house (hotel)

This is what we saw from our balcony

Had to keep up on my reading

Full moon, best I could do, the boat wasn't really orange, but cheap camera, I was pretty impressed that I got anything resembling a water scene at night

Iggie's is a pretty well known beach bar and grill, and just next to our room. Cheap drinks and live music nightly!


  1. The place looks like what I would picture Eden to look like! Cheap drinks and live music! I understand about cheap camera, I wish every day for one of those nice professional ones, but, I will be dreaming about that a long time. Anyway, I still like the photo of the beautiful moon and water. The moon here was very big last night. Glad Jackie finally got to enjoy a couple days off.

  2. So happy for you, Dave! You are living my dream. So Jackie works and you read? :)