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Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Condo Reveal - With Guest Room

It's built into the lease that we have a cleaning woman come in twice a month.  yesterday was the first time, and since the place shined so well, thought I would take the chance to show off the place...

Living area... Couch, Love seat and chair with ottoman.

Dining room table 4 chairs

Entertainment center... complete with lending library (newest book was 10 years old), a few DVD's and VHS tapes.  I think people just left em).  We do have cable TV, so I get my fix of Morning Joe  while I do my post).

Master bedroom (looks a little like Marcia Brady decorated)

Master bath with Ralph Lauren towels.

Guest room (plenty of room for you)

You even will have your own bathroom

But when you visit, I get the room with the stuffed iguanas on the wall.

It's not home, but it certainly is better than a hotel for 6 months.

And plenty of room for company


  1. Looks like you have a real comfortable place to stay. Love the rum & coke, too :)

  2. Cest bon, cher! I am booking my flight, NOW! :)

  3. Home away from home (and snow)! I wouldn't argue about that lease clause either LOL!

  4. And it's spacious, too! There's lots of floor space to move around and the furniture are all placed neatly! How long have you been staying there? Seems like everything's in their right places and you've settled in nicely.