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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Reveal for the new Permanent Temp KITCHEN!

2 weeks in town, beautiful weather every day.  No rain and blue skies every day.  We move to our beach home, and at best it has been cloudy and usually rainy.  So, I don't want to do a walk around tour till I can show the blue skies around the  deep blue colors of the Caribbean.  But, with the rain comes time for me to clean the kitchen, put all the new groceries away and hide the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Here's what my kitchen looks like...

BIG OPEN COUNTER for a workspace!!!

Full size appliances, convection oven, microwave, came with a blender, coffee maker and toaster, as well as a dishwasher.

Pots & pans, dishes, silverware, glasses... everything you need...

And look... FOOD!

I hate doing dishes, so always keep your rum handy

Place for Jackie to watch me cook while I hear about her day (while she sips a tropical rum drink)

the light switch...

And stay tuned, soon as I get the rest of the place clean, I will reveal the rest.


  1. Nice kitchen! I would never leave!

  2. Good work space! Everything you need, where you need it! The rain served a purpose - forced you to stay in and pull it all together. I hope this next weekend brings blue skies and blue sea to take lots of pictures by while you two stroll along the water's edge...

  3. Nice!!!!

    I waiting to see your booze shelf or is the rum line-up going to be the traditional Island liquor shelf?