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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Beach at the Ritz Carlton

The beaches on St Thomas are all public.  They do politely ask that you not use the deck chairs they provide, but anyone is welcome to toss a towel down and be a part of the good life...

Lots of big kid beach toys for their guests...

But really, this looks like work...

Ahhh... His and hers massage tables in a private beach house... That sounds like a vacation.

Oh, they do have a pool, and a convenient ice water with lemons station (shhh... I get a drink from there whenever I walk by).

And a convenient beach side bar is a great place to enjoy a Mojito and watch the world wind surf by...


  1. On this very grey cold day in the northeast, I envy you.

  2. GORGEOUS! I wouldn't mind laying on a towel, or having a massage in the private beach house. Love the view, from there!