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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Top of My World

Today's goal... to reach the summit.  If you have been following along, I have walked along the oceanfront to the left and to the right.  I have walked up the hills to the Governor's Mansion and I have walked around the town.  Today, I see if I am getting in shape enough to climb the STEEP STEEP roads up to the summit of the island... To see what's on the other side!

This is the view from about half way up.

Got to see  one of the large cruise ships coming in.

And indeed I made it!

Does my ass make my donkey look big???
Fun at the top

They even had a convenient gift shop at the top.  Along with convenient tourists that had taken a bus,

And indeed, a short walk later, I did see what was on the other side...

The North side of the island, including this view of Megen's Bay, one of the top ten beaches in the world.

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  1. Oh my gosh Dave... what a fantastic post! What a awesome walk... you keep that up and you are going to be in great shape! Walking and eating shrimp every day! Great photos too. Looks like a great view... I can't wait till you get to Megan's bay or that beach over there... Yeah, take come beach photos... will ya?