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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Not as easy to see (or hear) as the roosters, but there certainly are a BUNCH of these critters on the island...

 This guy was in the grass at FDR park, where Jackie and I have lunch most days.

This one is named IGGY, and is the "mascot" of the hotel we are staying at, "The Green Iguana"

And this guy I saw in the bushes at Bolongo Bay.  We looked each other up and down for a few minutes and then suddenly...

He climbed up the side of the building... it is a three story building, never slipped a bit and made it very fast...

Even islanders were surprised when I told em... Good thing I had my camera.

Nothing to do with Iguanas, but I do know what I like in art!

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  1. Hi Dave! Thanks for posting all these Iguana posts... I love Iguanas. I have a tattoo of a naughty little Iguana on my right ahhhhh well use yer imagination... Anyway. I used to have an Iguana, her name was Loiuse and she was 6 feet long and I had to hold her with welding gloves... But once I settled her down she would sit on my lap like a little doggie... I would give her a bath occasionally. She was beautiful and I really miss her... I gave her to a petting Zoo in Colorado when I had to go to sea in Alaska... Hubby did not like her one bit! HAHAHA