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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ritz Carlton IGUANAS

Our condo almost shares a beach with the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Time Share property.  We walk through there often.  Plenty of photo opps, so you will see their property again...

But this gy is unusual.  he obviously has been feed by guests often.  Instead of running from people (like every other iguana I have met, he walks right up and waits for lunch...

He is about 4 feet long... among the biggest I have seen

Here's his beach roaming counterpart... equally unafraid of humans...

But the scary ones are the ones that just blend into the rocks and surprise you.


  1. He certainly does look well fed - what do they eat? I don't think he'd be on my daily "feed" list.

  2. I remember one day on the beach when I visited. I was in a lounge chair sunning...napping... reading... ok napping and I woke and about 12 people were looking at me and taking photos (No I'n not that hot) and pointing... finally I realized they were looking UNDER me... Yeah one of those big boys was under my lounge chair napping with me!