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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snorkeling at Bolongo Bay

This is the beach at Bolongo Bay. Located just a few miles from the town of Charlotte Amalie. Very convenient for Jackie's first weekend of work. The beach has plenty to offer, but for me... Snorkeling was king. We have our own set of fins, mask and snorkel, so it was easy for us just to walk to the beach and splash around a bit. We made 4 trips over the weekend, and saw plenty of colorful tropical fish.

It was not our first snorkeling experiences, but it was among the best. First, we just went out, no organized tour. I liked the freedom. But also what we saw was really cool...

I SAW AN OCTOPUS! No, this is not one of my photos, it came from a "free" photo image collection, but this is exactly what I saw. About as long as my arm, with the big floppy head, It was hiding in the sand, and difficult to see, but it was there. First I ever saw.

We also saw a sea turtle. Again, not my photo (Camera is not waterproof). But this is what we saw, and he was very big. At least as broad as my shoulders.

And, of course lots of little colorful fish, including a puffer fish that grew as we got close.

The beach is a place we will return to often. Convenient, low key, sparsely populated and GREAT SNORKELING!!!


  1. Awesome pics! I'm feeling so sorry for you (yeah right) enjoy it soooooooooooo much! :)

  2. what a great experience! PS - word verification is still on all of your blogs... thought you'd want to know :)