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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Wife the Easy Mark

Our place is just up the road from a private Montessori School.  Like all schools, they have fundraisers.  This is Monique selling magazines to raise funds.

My wife is the ultimate easy mark... She will never turn a child down.  We have $20 bags of popcorn and more magazines than we can read.

Not sure what she sold, but Monique was content with the sale.  I have a feeling Better Homes and Garden is on it's way here.


  1. LOL, it'll probably get there just in time to be forwarded back to the states! But, it's the thought that counts - good for Jackie!

  2. It just proves that she has a big heart. Hey, I love "Better Homes and Gardens" and been getting it in the mail for 10 years! Just think about all of the good recipes you'll get!