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Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopping in Charlotte Amalie

Here for two weeks, and Jackie and I are doing our part to support the local economy...

Main Street in Charlotte Amalie has dozens of tourist friendly stores...

From upscale stores like Cartier and Tiffany (no tax, wholesale prices and duty free makes this a perfect place to diamond shop.. shhhh, don't tell Jackie)

More than enough stores to fill your postcard and T-shirt needs (so far, we have bought 3 key rings).

My camera was dropped and broke yesterday.  So i made a big (for us) purchase and bought a new camera.  Now, my old one was 9 years old.  Heavy, big and bulky.  Only had a max of 4 Mega Pixels and was badly outdated, so I certainly did not cry about dropping it (shhh... It is possible I dropped it on purpose, but please don't tell my wife). I found a very friendly fellow at the ROYAL CARIBBEAN (not connected to the cruise ship company as far as I know) STORE.  He sold me on a snorkeling friendly, shockproof Pentax Optio W80... Let's see if I got a bargain...

On Ebay, I found a camera only "buy it now" price of $174.  Did not include memory card, battery, chargers or software hookups (they would happily sell these as add ons).  The complete package, as I bought is available on ebay for $249.

On Amazon, I found a "package" deal again for $239.

I paid $209.  No tax, no shipping.  I am sure it will be replaced in two weeks, and the price will drop a hundred dollars, but I am happy and will not be looking up the price again.

back to shopping... there are rum sampling stations everywhere... Half a shot at a time, you can certainly leave with a HUGE buzz.  BTW, on main street, price for a bottle is $10.99 a bottle.  I have found it at "locals" stores for $7.50.  Remember, orange juice is $8 a bottle.  But, tough to hunt the bargain store down.  Price at the "tourist" spots is pretty standard.  But, if it is a slow day, go ahead and ask for a discount.  they might be willing to knock a buck off.

There are beautiful passageways between Main Street and the Oceanfront Street.Essentially alleys, there are as many stores in the alleys as there are on the streets.

And these passages have some of the best landscaping in the area...

And fun little open air bars... Go ahead and ask for a rum recipe.  You bought those flavored rums, use them for something better than rum and cokes!

Eateries that do not have that rushed feeling you get on the oceanfront... Try the Mahi Mahi!

Jackie and I both bought a pair of water shoes... OUR FIRST LOCALS DISCOUNT!!!

A beautiful photo art gallery (many are for sale... OK, All are for sale... Is it still a gallery, or just a store???)

This is on the oceanfront side, lots of bars, T-shirt shops and pirate knick knacks.

And a block away is an open air market with T-shirts 4 for $10 and Gucci and Prada purses for $10  Really, says Prada right on em, so it must be a true bargain!

Tourist dollars are the largest employer on the island, so come visit and open your wallet!


  1. Is that an invitation?

  2. Good deal on the camera, and I do notice a clearer photo. I am envious. I am still using my 3.2 megapixel Nikon camera.
    Do they have banana rum?

  3. What a fun place to shop. I like your new kitchen-it has plenty of room to cook.
    I'm sure you will enjoy the new camera!

  4. Your pictures bring back lots of great memories of St. Thomas. Was there 3 years ago when I went on a cruise.