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Friday, March 5, 2010

Water Island

Water Island is one of the two islands in the middle of the harbor at Charlotte Amalie.  There is a water ferry service...
Visitors to Water Island must take the small Water Island ferry (max. 25 passengers) which operates daily between Crown Bay Marina on St. Thomas and Phillips Landing on Water Island. The ferry docks in front of Tickles Restaurant at the marina. Ferry service is reliable and takes about 10 minutes, one way. There is no car ferry.
The above quote is from the Water Islands section of VI NOW website -, which is a terrific website for anyone planning a trip to the islands.

Water Island has a population a dozen people could count on their hands, is quiet and at times feels desolate.  The baches are beautiful and uncrowded.  It is the perfect place to "get away" from it all.  Because you are away!

 The water ferry is a fun trip on it's own... $5 each way, you get a nice view of the boats in the harbor...

Tiny sail boats, big cruise ships and multi multi million dollar yachts.

Once you land, it is an easy walk to HONEYMOON BEACH!  A beautiful cove setting, popular with private boaters, and a hidden secret from tourists...

White sandy beaches, almost no one around and crystal clear blue water.  I didn't have my snorkeling equipment, so I don;t know how the fishies  look, but the beach was among the best I have seen since I arrived.

I found a path on the other side of the beach and walked around a bit...

there were a few really nice houses, but not many

This is their post office...

And lending library... No need to check anything out, just grab a book.


But the star of the island (other than the beach) is the wild flowers.
Hey, if you don't want to shop in Charlotte Amalie, and don't want to fight the crowds that will always be at Magens Bay (rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world, so always an attraction for the tour buses)...

Hop on the water ferry and give Water Island a shot!


  1. Love the outdoor post office & library!

  2. Water Island is a rare find today and after much thought on where to move next Water Island came out the winner. We are a married Gay couple and have been welcomed by all. After moving here we found that there are many other Gays who prefer the quiet life that choose Water Island. Many come for a safe romantic vacation every year. No better place to be yourself. We are among many characters, us included. Give it a try. There really is no place else quite like it.