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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beach at Secret Harbor

It's much less than a mile from our condo, but it was the first time we visited.

Full service beach, with a dive shop, restaurant and a couple of bars...

Also had a $5 charge for a beech chair, and an enforcer to make sure you didn't use chairs you were not entitled to.

So, we set up shop on a convenient rock, and headed out to see the fishies...

Snorkeling was... a little above average.  Plenty to see, but the extra effort to get there, and the extra effort to get back was not really worth it.  Glad we went, saw fun things, but there is no place like home... Actually, really.  Our little corner of the island (Cowpet Bay) has everything that Secret Harbor has (with no charges).

So, Jackie and I agreed to really enjoy the beech) meaning, we were not likely to return soon.

But we did see another one of these... A Reef Squid...

Ugliest things in the ocean... Tentacles for a nose, big bug eyes and they swim backwards...

And always a treat when we see a big Ray...

It was a great fun time... A little more effort than we wanted, and a bit of an overly aggressive money making machine...

But the fishies were nice!


  1. We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow.....I could so go with being on that beach - 5 bucks for a chair or not.

  2. Just beautiful....absolutely breathtaking!

  3. I'd pay a lot more than 5 bucks for a chair on that beach! Secret Harbor is breathtaking!