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Friday, April 9, 2010

St John - The pretty US Virgin Island

We went on a bus tour of St John... This is a view of the British Virgin Islands from one of the highest peaks on the isle.

The tour was $25... Takes about 2 hours.  Open air bus with plenty of time to get on and off for photos...

St John is the "pretty" Island.  Most of it is a National Park.  This is a view of Trunk Bay.  The most perfrct beach I have ever been to.

What would a tour be without a convenient gift shop or three.. But even these are a little less tacky than the ones on St Thomas.

There is even a little history on the tour.  There is a 18th century sugar mill being restored.  Course, this teenager with the purple hair chose to listen to his iPod instead of the tour (My favorite photo of the day).

We got a lesson in 18th century cooking... Kettle Bread.

We got to sample fresh cut sugar cane (tastes like chicken).

The tropical flowers were in bloom...

But the star of the show is always the views... A postcard around every corner.


  1. all your photos are post cards. i would think you'd have a HUGE following by now just out of curiosity for someone who has moved off the continent to an island! i know i am intrigued.

  2. What kind of flower is that?