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Monday, April 12, 2010

Someone had an Accident - and one more Iguana Photo

St Thomas must have the best drivers in the world.  I have not seen a single car accident since I got to the island.  There are no straight aways, no passing because you can never see around the next curve... Everything is on a hill and the condition of the roads are an embarrassment.  There should be more accidents than what there are.


 I have just never been around when a car accident happened.  Every single car has a dent or ding, half the bumpers on the island have a serious dent, one third of the side mirrors are busted off.  When you rent a car, the insurance is $18 a day (higher than I have ever paid anywhere else).

And the mail boxes that were in a neat row, convenient for the post office trucks to deliver mail and not get out of their car are now lined up on the ground...

Mail is still delivered in them.

And despite promising mo more Iguana photos... here's one more...

See the baby!


  1. OMG! Its a momma and baby! What a great photo... Why not post more? I'm not tired of seeing em!

  2. Too funny that they are still delivering the mail! Oh, I couldn't look at that Iguana. Sorry, it goes back to my phobia of lizards.