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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charlotte Amalie for the Afternoon

Only 2 weeks left... Starting to feel nostalgic, had a BEAUTIFUL day, so I thought I would take my last set of "town" pictures...

Even the alleys are beautiful, and convenient rum bars everywhere!

Meeting the needs of pirates for over 500 years.

Here's the bargains, including T-shirts 4 for $10 (just buy them at least a size or two bigger, they will shrink)

All the cool kids get at least one beaded braid in their hair while they are here.

And the tink tink tink of the steel drum band carries for blocks!

Over 200 jewelry stores... And duty free Booze!


  1. these pictures sure bring back memories of when we were in St. Thomas a few years ago. Great place and I hope to go back one day

  2. Just here for my daily dose of paradise! Cheers, cher!