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Monday, July 5, 2010

Where I Walk - Part 4 - "The Flat"

Remember yesterday, I closed with an opening.  The world (well, Island wide) famous, "hole in the fence".

Everyone seems to know about it, and everyone uses it.  US Property - No Trespassing... Seems to just be a suggestion at best, and a challenge to most people.  So, let's see what's on the other side...

Not really sure why the fence is actually there.  The mysterious "other side" is in reality a park...

The park has a rare convenient parking lot, a nice view of Red Hook, the closest little town, and a nice view.  It also features the only flat area on the island.  The road follows the edge of a bay, and is level.  This is where the mall walkers come.  There are always a dozen or so people walking the 1 mile loop from the hole in teh fence to the "real" road.

It's not very pretty, and it is among the hottest parts of the island.  The road is lined with trees that hold in the heat, and block the breeze.  It gets stifling.  But, on an island where the roads are just a never ending series of hills and curves, 1 mile of flat road, without many cars coming at you, is heaven for walkers.

There are a few interesting things... Like the wild chickens and roosters.

And hidden in the brush are hundreds of land crabs.

But for the most part, it is just flat and hot and lined with trees.

But it gets you to the end, where I make a run to town for essentials... tomorrow we will cover Red Hook!

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  1. What a wonderful walking tour of the island! Thanks for sharing!