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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where I Walk - Part 3 - "Vessup Beach"

Vessup Beach, The "green" part of my walk.  Vessup Beach is one of the few remaining undeveloped natural beach fronts on St Thomas.  Affectionately called the local's beach, Jackie and I enjoy the solitude you usually find here (especially early in the morning, when I walk).

There are areas of the beach that has easy drive up access.  Especially on holiday weekends, people like to camp here.  Sometimes with very elaborate set-ups.  Their camp site may include more than one cooking tent, large speakers for the constant music, gaming area (poker and dominoes for the adults, football (really soccer) for the kids).  Portable showers, generators for power to run the big screen TV (really).

I have seen lots of things on the beach, including the already shown horse swims...

More than a few religious experiences...

All Creatures, great and small hang out at the beach...

Even deer, on a tropical island... Who knew???

Even on days when god's creatures are hiding, the scenery along the mile long beach is still worth looking at...

At a few spots, you have to find a path through the woods to get over the rocks...

But at the end of the beach is Latitude 18... (named for how far above the equator we are... 18 degrees of latitude).

Locals, boaters and occasionally walkers stop for a beer or two on a hot day.

And then we leave the beach for a short walk up a dirt road to...

The Hole in the Fence!

And despite the US Property, No Trespassing sign, everyone does.

But you will have to come back tomorrow to see what is behind the fence!

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